My new sounds:

My new sounds:

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My new sounds:

Stand A Chance (Original) by Dhean

Midst of summer; May 2013. We went to this thing called paradise. A place located in the north part of Cebu.

Evolution’s fast for this place to be discovered. (Taken in Lake Danao, Camotes Island, Cebu)

Great services are offered. Fishing in their small pond is allowed by the right price P150.00 (Of course the fish that you caught is yours) and for canoeing, they offered the much affordable cent of P200.00 I think? Sorry I forgot. Anyways, they also have their pool which costs P50.00 for the children & P100 for adults. But be careful! This place is too nice to forget. See you guys there soon.

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All in 1 day. 🙈🙊

All in 1 day. 🙈🙊

do you ever feel like you’re just sort of 


like all your friends go out and do things and have fun and do stupid things with their best friends and instead of doing all that you’re just sort of this mildly entertaining thing that people take an interest in once in a while but they wouldn’t really care if it was gone

like you just sort of exist but you don’t really mean anything

Harlem Shake invades motor shop.


I had some hope that you genuinely cared. But you don’t. And I’m so so so glad I never opened up to you. Because even though you left you said you’d still keep in contact.
What a load of shit. I’ve tried and I’m done.
Thanks a whole lot for being like every other asshole that has come into my life just to walk out not long after.